February 11, 2018

Russian Engineer, Viktor Ivanovich Muravlenko born in 1912 in the Kuban region, the cradle of the Russian oil industry, is known as a veteran of Western Siberia oil industry and a Hero of the Russian Socialist Labour. He was a top-notch professional was at the start Tyumen oil production and then at the creation of the Western Siberian oil and gas management complex. Under his leadership, not only were oil and gas fields discovered and developed, but also new towns and populated centers were rapidly built and territories that had previously seemed uninhabitable were equipped with all modern conveniences for living. Viktor Muravlenko’s successful work was distinguished with one of the USSR’s highest awards – the Order of Lenin, and he was awarded the Lenin Prize for creating and implementing progressive new methods for developing oil fields. Under his leadership, a new turbine drilling method was introduced and cluster drilling initiated. Cluster drilling was Professor Muravlenko’s first and most important key to the Tyumen oil. Viktor Muravlenko travelled abroad, especially in Canada, USA, Venezuela, learning new techniques. The city of Muravlenko, in Western Siberia, founded in 1984 was named after Viktor Ivanovich Muravlenko and is today an important base for Gazprom-Neft with the nearby oil rich fields of Sutorminskoe and Sugmutskoe. (A tribute to V.I. Muravlenko in the city of Muravlenko, image ReneB/EGN)