July 08, 2023

29th & 30th August 2023
Building upon the success of previous editions, join us for the 3rd Asset Integrity Management Conference where Asset Integrity Managers, Digital Transformation Heads, Corrosion Management Specialists, Maintenance Experts, Contractors, and Heads of Special Projects from the Oil and Gas Sector will gather to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and key technologies. The Conference will focus on Oman’s journey towards achieving operational excellence, addressing challenges related to asset visualization, well and pipeline integrity, corrosion monitoring and control, HSE concerns, leak detection, system integration, and data collection. Additionally, advanced decarbonization strategies and energy reduction methods will be explored to ensure sustainability and business continuity. Certified workshops will be available to enhance professionals’ skills in asset management and goal achievement, considering risks, costs, and performance. This conference aims to facilitate networking, learning, and collaboration, driving innovation, generating leads, fostering business growth, and advancing the industry.
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