Pioneering Spirit successfully deployed its revolutionary Jacket lift system (JLS) for the first time on 21 April to remove CNR International’s Ninian Northern jacket from the northern North Sea.
Weighing in at 8100 tonnes, the first commercial lift with the new JLS technology is one of the heaviest offshore jacket lifts ever, but remains well within the system’s 20,000-tonne single-lift capacity.
The world’s largest and most versatile offshore construction vessel has since arrived at the deep-water port of Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands, where the jacket will be delivered intact to the Veolia-Peterson yard for recycling. The facility targets 98% steel reuse.
Pioneering Spirit arrived in the Ninian field, 160 km northeast of the Shetland Islands, on 14 April. After final preparations including cuts through the eight legs, the JLS was engaged to lift the jacket safely out of the water.
Main hoist blocks suspended from the JLS beams were attached to the jacket top by means of bespoke rigging (built by Allseas Fabrication) and, after final cuts, the 85-metre structure lifted safely out of the water. The
jacket was subsequently aligned with the beams and lowered onto the main aft deck for transit to the Shetlands.
Fundamentally different to conventional crane-lifting vessels, the aft-mounted system comprises two connected 170-metre long beams that lift and support jackets of all sizes during removal and installation operations. The system also enables the transport of jackets in a near-vertical position to safeguard structure integrity.
This advanced technology enables direct transfer of structures to and from the quayside and eliminates the need for support barges. There is no need to seafasten the jacket to the beams during transit due to the vessel’s high level of stability, significantly reducing t Ninian Northern is the first of several major jacket removal and installation commitments for Pioneering Spirit in 2022. The vessel will lift and transport more than 123,000 tonnes of structures for the offshore energy industry this year utilising both its Jacket lift and motion-compensated Topsides lift systems.ime in the field and lowering the emissions footprint.
Allseas Group S.A. is a Swiss-based offshore contractor specialising in pipelay, heavy lift and subsea construction. It was founded in 1985 by owner and president Edward Heerema
(Source and image: Allseas – Artist’s view of Pioneering Spirit JLS)