Atlantis Resources, a global leader in the development of marine renewables, announced an agreement to partner with Natural Energy Wyre (“NEW”) to develop the Wyre tidal project located on the Lancashire coast. The UK Government’s recent review of the potential for tidal lagoon power led by Charles Hendry, former Minister for Energy, concluded that proceeding with a “pathfinder” project as well as other smaller projects would be consistent with the development of the potentially important resource of tidal power around the shores of the UK. The Wyre project, which has been under development for several years, is consistent with this objective, comprising of a 160 MW tidal power plant capable of producing up to 400GWh of completely carbon free power each year, coupled with flood protection. The Wyre project is unique in that it mimics actual tidal cycles, which should translate into minimal environmental disruption.
Wyre Tidal Energy has been established to promote and deliver the construction of an Electric Bridge across the Wyre Estuary to harness the natural energy of the tidal flow to produce. The River Wyre at its estuary, has one of the highest tidal ranges in the UK. The river is tidal for some 23 km and its natural shape, with its relatively narrow estuary makes it ideal to extract power from the tidal flow and generate green electricity with an “Electric Bridge” joining Fleetwood to Knott End. The “Electric Bridge” will create a new pedestrian and cycle route between Fleetwood and Knott End, an access for emergency vehicles, a tourist attraction and a multi-use asset for the benefit of local communities. The Electric Bridge will be constructed using Venturi Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT), from VerdErg Renewable Energy Limited, that utilizes 80% of the tidal flow through a Venturi with no moving parts to amplify the pressure for a turbine in the remaining 20% of the flow. (Source: Atlantis / WTE)