Bentec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and premium oilfield equipment today announces that it has entered the substantial North American oilfield equipment market:
Multi-million dollar contract award by Xtreme Drilling Corp for three equipment packages for the upgrade of three 850XE rigs
CAN Global USA Inc. appointed distributor for the sale and service of all Bentec drilling rig components in the USA.
Bentec and CAN Global USA have reached an agreement with North American onshore drilling contractor, Xtreme Drilling Corp, to supply major drilling components for the upgrade of three of its new proprietary design 850XE land rigs, which will commence operations later this year. Xtreme Drilling Corp anticipates that the 850XE will be the fastest moving and most efficient 1,800hp AC rigs for pad drilling in North America.
The contract includes the supply of three Bentec equipment packages, each of which will include a 500 ton AC top drive, a remote controlled iron roughneck as well as a new and specifically developed offline stand builder. These incorporate the latest generation of technology, delivering enhanced rig performance and increased automation through new remote control and monitoring features.
Dirk Schulze, CEO of Bentec said: “Our entry into the North American market is a key milestone in Bentec’s development. Our products offer the latest in technology and reliability and fit well with Xtreme Drilling Corp’s aim of making the 850XE not only the fastest moving land rig in the US market but also the most efficient.”
Matt Porter, CEO of Xtreme Drilling Corp Said: “As part of the process for our 850XE design we evaluated many vendors for key rig components. Ultimately, no one was able to match Bentec’s combination of documented product reliability, integrated safety interlocks and forward thinking design and engineering. We are excited about this relationship and look forward to integrating Bentec’s leading edge technology into future Xtreme rigs in the United States.” (Source and image: Benetec)