November 22, 2022

The Canadian firm Boralex announced the commissioning of the Bougainville Repowering wind farm in the French department of Somme (Hauts-de-France region). The repowering of the wind farm, which was first commissioned in 2005 and has been operated by Boralex since 2018, has increased production by more than 50% through the installation of 6 next-generation wind turbines, for an upgraded installed capacity of 18 MW.
Project statistics:
• Commissioning date: November 15, 2022
• Wind turbines: 6 Vestas V126
• Total capacity before repowering: 12 MW o Total capacity after repowering: 18 MW
• Equivalence in household energy needs met after repowering: 16,000+ households
Initially commissioned in 2005, the Bougainville wind farm is the industry’s first wind energy asset in the Somme department to have its equipment repowered.
Its original 6 wind turbines have been replaced with the same number of new-generation turbines. The old turbines have a recyclability rate of over 90% and will find a new life on the European second-hand market. All the material recovered from the foundations (concrete and steel) has been sent to the appropriate recycling channels for reuse in the construction and public works sector. These commitments are in line with the environmental priorities outlined in Boralex’s corporate social responsibility strategy for the responsible use of resources.
(Source: Boralex – Image: Bougainville wind farm/Marc Roussel via Wikipedia)