November 28, 2017

The first of its kind in the US, the Bourne Tidal Test Site (BTTS) was installed in the Cape Cod Canal during the past two weeks. The barge, owned by AGM Marine, Inc. will pull up its moorings and be towed back to New Bedford, leaving the BTTS to stand ready for business.
AGM Marine (Mashpee and New Bedford), drove three piles in the first three days and assembled the structure on top of the piles. The work platform was secured along with the winch that will power the lifting member that turbines will be attached to. The structure is now secure in the water off the Railroad Bridge and the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cape Cod Canal Field Office.
The structure was built at MassTank (Middleboro, MA,). They are experienced at manufacturing steel tanks and large structures for all sorts of applications including marine and heavy industrial uses.
The next step for the test site will be to install the data acquisition, processing and transmission system atop the platform. Engineers from Impact Labs (New Bedford, MA) will be working out there in the weeks to come to analyze and test the systems. On the heels of that work, University of Rhode Island engineers have expressed interest in deploying one of their Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers to collect data that will enable them to precisely map the water velocity variations during several tidal cycles. This information will be extremely helpful for future operations. (Source and image: MRECo)