August 21, 2018

Following a geological survey, the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Group has discovered a new gas deposit in Kharkiv region, the company released in a statement. According to preliminary data, gas reserves on Pegedivske field are estimated at over 7 000 million cubic meters.
“In the course of exploratory drilling in complex geological conditions, the Group discovered gas-saturated layers on the Veselkova structure at a depth of more than 5,000 thousand meters. Well testing showed daily production rates of more than 200 thousand cubic meters,” says Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeynyi.
The well was drilled to a depth of 5,400 m before it reached granite rocks. During drilling, the Group discovered seven gas-bearing and gas-saturated intervals in the Visean and Serpukhov deposits of the Lower Carboniferous period with total productive layers’ thickness of circa 60 m.
The data obtained on the Veselkova structure confirmed earlier optimistic forecasts about the prospects of all complex-local objects located in the Pegedivska area. Prior to industrial drilling, the Group is currently working on comprehensive re-processing and re-interpretation of seismic materials within this area, as well as in adjacent areas, which will lead to new prospecting wells.
“Based on well studies and the analysis of drilling materials, Burisma Group will reassess the geological model of the Veselkova structure, in particular, and the Pegedivska area as a whole. Afterwards, the company will make a final decision on further exploration and the role of the newly discovered gas deposit in the production scheme for the development of the Veselkova structure and Pegedivska area,” noted Burisma Group CEO.
It took around 8 months to drill the exploratory well.
Pegedivka is the second gas field discovered in Ukraine in 2018. In May, the state owned company Ukrgazvidobuvannya announced the discovery of a deposit in Kharkiv region.
According to Taras Burdeynyi, Burisma Group strives to create a new resource base and increase domestic gas production.
“We are continuing drilling works on wells located at the Vodyanivske, Rakytnyanske and Roganske fields. We have also completed another well at the Hutsulivske field, where we earlier conducted a geological survey and discovered new gas deposits. In June, the company started drilling a well on the Pylypivska area in Ivano-Frankivsk region and the Niklovystkefield in Lviv region,” adds Taras Burdeynyi. (Source and image: Burisma/Burisma drilling site in Kharkiv region of Ukraine)