February 12, 2018

CGG Multi-Physics Marine group achieved a production rate of 99.7% in 2017, including acquisition of gravity and magnetic (GravMag) data totaling nearly 24,000 sail line kilometers during one of the world’s largest proprietary 3D marine seismic surveys.
With five years of sustained production rates of over 97%, this year marks the highest. CGG Multi-Physics attributes this year-on-year success to their highly skilled field personnel, responsive support team and high operational quality standards. For example, data from the vessels are evaluated on a daily basis to ensure the best possible performance, each marine GravMag data acquisition system undergoes a meticulous maintenance routine and rigorous testing before and after deployment, and field personnel at its Houston, Texas facility receive regular training and evaluation.
The value marine GravMag data adds to the bigger geoscience picture for a relatively small investment is demonstrated in CGG’s North Viking Graben and Gabon Jumpstart packages. The data enhances the overall understanding of an area by providing information that allows for clearer differentiation and more confident modeling of geological formations and structures than with seismic data alone.
Greg Paleolog, SVP, Multi-Physics, said: “CGG Multi-Physics has the industry’s largest and best qualified GravMag marine data acquisition and processing teams and their expertise and commitment to high performance are reflected in these impressive achievements. We will continue to be the industry’s preferred partner and demonstrate the value of collecting marine GravMag data in conjunction with seismic surveys as an aid to interpreting complex geology at a relatively low cost in a safe and efficient manner.” (Source: CGG)