August 21, 2020

COSL Drilling Europe advised that its mid-water semi-submersible COSLInnovator will drill wells at the Jerv and Ilder propects where Chrysaor Norge AS is the operator.
Earlier this summer, the company announced that a letter of intent was signed for the use of the 6th generation semi-submersible rig COSLInnovator. It is now confirmed that the rig will be put into operation at Licence PL 973 where Chrysaor is operator and owner together with its partners Okea and Petoro. The operations will be run out of Stavanger.
“We look forward to commence the rig operations early next year. COSLInnovator expect to deliver efficient operations from day one, because the drilling unit has been kept well-maintained including well-qualified and highly motivated personnel employed for the rig”, says Frank Tollefsen, CEO of COSL Drilling Europe.
COSLInnovator has been kept in operational condition («ready to drill») for a long periode of time. COSL Drilling Europe has also made large investments in green technology to make the company´s rigs more attractive and efficient. This has led the COSL’s rig portfolio to be best in class in terms of low emissions and fuel efficiency.
The CEO of COSL believes in more contracts in the future based on several reasons. The new rig contract is on its own driving attention from the market combined with the measures to make the rigs even more attractive.
“We have been focused on delivering what the market expects in the future when it comes to modern and efficient rigs. We have installed an advance system for energy control. This will provide a emissions-reduction of up to 25 percent based on already very low levels. This means that we are leading the way for the rest of the rig industry”, Tollefsen says.
COSL Innovator operated by COSL Drilling Europe is a Global Maritime GM4000-D mid-water semi-submersible built at Yantai CIMC Raffles shipyard in China in 2011.
(Source: COSL Drilling Europe – Image: COSLInnovatorBergen Tidende)