August 23, 2019

Crusoe Energy Systems, a technology-driven flare mitigation provider, is now operating five Digital Flare Mitigation (DFM) systems in North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado, and has agreed to provide up to ten additional systems for deployments in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota by the end of 2019. Across its existing projects, Crusoe has already eliminated more than 25 million cubic feet of natural gas flaring, significantly reducing air emissions for local communities as well as operational and regulatory challenges faced by oil and gas companies.
Crusoe marries technology-empowered solutions with one of the booming oil industry’s greatest environmental challenges. Crusoe uses gas that would have otherwise been burned in the air as a flare, and instead powers modular, mobile data centers designed specifically for the oilfield. In addition to reducing waste, this solution can also help both oil companies and pipeline operators to significantly reduce emissions.
Crusoe’s flare mitigation technology is scalable from tens of thousands of cubic feet per day up to millions of cubic feet per day, meeting the challenges of today’s remote oilfield operations. Crusoe produces a range of DFM modules beginning with systems sized for 70,000 cubic feet per day and scaling to systems designed for 300,000 cfpd and deployable in series up to millions of cfpd.
Cully Cavness, President of Crusoe said: “The Crusoe team is passionate about our mission to provide a reliable and scalable solution to routine flaring throughout North America. We are proud of the operational and environmental benefits achieved for our upstream clients as well as local communities, and we are committed to supporting our oil and gas clients in the shared goal of more efficient and clean energy production. The Crusoe team is growing quickly, and together we are focused on scaling this business because each Crusoe project in the field translates into a significant reduction of resource waste and emissions. That is a very motivating mission for our team.”
(Source: Crusoe Energy – Image: Gas flares in North Dakota/Bismarck Tribune)