May 27, 2021

DOF Subsea announced the awards of multiple Vessel and ROV contracts to support the Ocean Bottom Node Seismic campaigns by Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS on Petrobras’s Jubarte, Tupi and Iracema fields offshore Brazil.
The vessel Skandi Neptune has been allocated for the project and is now getting ready for transit to Rio de Janeiro for commencement of the Jubarte survey in Campos Basis over a 3-months period.
The Tupi and Iracema surveys, should start in Q3 2021 in the Santos Basis and are expected to last approximately nine months.
The award by Shearwater validate again DOF Subsea’ capability to adapt and expand into new growing markets such as the 3D ocean Bottom Node Survey.
Founded in 2005 and established in Bergen, Norway, the DOF Subsea Group is a leading provider of subsea project and marine services and is present in all major offshore regions in the world.
Shearwater GeoServices is an operator of a seismic exploration company firm located in Bergen, Norway. The company is a provider of 3D and 4D marine seismic data, imaging products and data processing software offers marine surveys, geophysical surveys and other related services to the oil and gas exploration industry.
(Source: DOF Subsea – Image: Skandi Neptune)