World-leading provider of advanced drilling simulation technology, Drilling Systems, part of training, technology and simulation solutions leader 3t Energy Group, has launched a next-generation DrillSIM Downhole model to support realistic training for geothermal applications. The model is now implemented for the first time at the Drilling Simulator Celle (DSC), a research facility of Clausthal University of Technology (TUC), in Germany.
Building on the operational success of the DrillSIM simulator, this next-generation downhole model will further enhance the research and development capabilities of new and existing DrillSIM simulators to allow delegates to practice complex operations such as directional drilling, kick tracking, and stuck pipe, in a highly realistic and detailed virtual environment. Its new and improved key features include additional real-world data modelling, an advanced thermal and dynamic design, drill string vibration, a complex 3D well path and increased focus on the transport of cuttings commonly found in deep drilling operations.
(Source and image: Drilling Systems)