February 26, 2018

E.ON, based in Essen, Germany, has begun construction of a new onshore wind farm in Italy. The Morcone project in the Benevento province in the wider area of Naples will have an installed capacity of 57 megawatts. Nineteen turbines of the three-megawatt class from the Danish manufacturer Vestas will be installed. Morcone was the largest project awarded by the Italian government at an auction in 2016.
E.ON is currently building the roads and laying the foundations for the first wind turbines in the mountainous terrain around the communities of Morcone and Pontelandolfo. In the summer, the turbines will be installed, which will finally go into operation at the beginning of 2019.
In Italy, E.ON owns and operates ten onshore wind farms with a total capacity of around 330 megawatts. The plants are located in the regions of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Sardinia, Tuscany and Campania. In addition, E.ON also offers full service for wind farms owned by other operators.
According to a country profile from the International Energy Agency, Italy has witnessed “impressive growth” in the renewable energy sector since laying out a national energy strategy five years ago.
Morcone is located in the Province of Benevento in the Italian region Campania, about 70 km northeast of Naples.