December 02, 2020

Emerson announced the launch of SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity, a fully automated, cloud-native reservoir analytics solution developed in collaboration with Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI). The software is unique in how it applies advanced algorithms, data mining and workflow automation to cut the amount of work required to identify field development opportunities from months to weeks. The comprehensive solution helps oil and gas companies achieve greater return on investment by shortening decision-making cycles and delivering better risk management.
“In today’s turbulent marketplace, our goal is to give customers meaningful analytics to maximize efficiency, optimize reservoir management, and promote digital transformation across the exploration and production landscape,” said Steve Santy, president for exploration and production software at Emerson. “By combining the power of analytics with deep oilfield expertise, SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity provides oil and gas operators with the knowledge needed to better identify opportunity criteria and develop more reliable field development planning.”
Emerson is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. The company manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.
(Source: Emerson)