Engie announces the acquisition of EV-Box. The Netherlands-based company is one of the world’s leading electric vehicle charging services providers with over 40,000 charging stations in service. By combining the global presence of Engie and energy capabilities with EV-Box leading technology and thought leadership in the electric vehicle charging market, Engie will be in a unique position to offer customers in all segments, across the globe, innovative, attractive and comprehensive electric vehicle charging and related energy services. The acquisition of EV-Box is an acceleration of the strategy of Engie as an energy revolution pioneer.
EV-Box has already demonstrated the commercial success and quality of their solutions by deploying more than 40,000 charging stations across 20 countries. Thanks to this combination, Engie intends to be a major global player in this space facilitating the development of clean mobility for its customers, while providing the essential energy solutions to manage the energy needs of electric vehicle charging for customer sites and the electricity network.
EV-Box has recently started extending its geographical reach into Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Germany, the UK and the USA, while still reaching over 20 countries through a strong base of partners. EV-Box will continue to operate autonomously with all its entrepreneurship. (Source: Engie)