March 05, 2017

On 28 January 2017 at 04:00 local time, the empty LPG Tanker M.T. BW Maple collided the oil tanker M.T. Dawn Kanchipuram at about 2 nautical miles outside the Ennore port (Karamajar) in Ernavoor, 24 km north of Chennai, India. As BW Maple plunged into Dawn Kanchipuram carrying 45,000 tons of oil products, the collision not only ruptured the void space between the inner and outer walls of the ship, but likely ruptured a fuel tank too. Conflicting reports have emerged over whether a slop tank ruptured too. Initially, the Kamarajar Port, downplaying the accident, sent out a statement claiming that there was no damage to the environment like oil pollution and no casualty or injury to persons and that both vessels are safely afloat and anchored. A few days after the accident, oil was washed ashore on the beaches, including the Marina and Elliots. On February 2, the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information said that 40 tons of oil and 27 tons of oil and water mixture have been removed. The quantum of oil spill has not been declared by the government of Tamil Nadu but it is estimated that about 40 tons of oil leaked to the sea. (Source: The Indu, The Times of India, Daily O, Wikipedia)