March 16, 2022

Leading provider of energy services, Expro has acquired 100% of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) company, SolaSense Ltd. Based in the UK, SolaSense’s well surveillance technology features portable processing software and enhanced visualization interface for delivering near real time analysis of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) / distributed temperature sensing (DTS) data at the well site. This allows well characteristics to be readily recognized and evaluated, avoiding the shut-in of wells for extended periods and minimizing lost production.
Combined with Expro’s 50 years of well intervention and integrity experience, this acquisition will allow Expro to meet industry demand to provide customers with a unique one-stop-shop service for the in-depth evaluation of the entire well and also the provision of any subsequent remediation solutions.
Expro’s DFOS offering monitors dynamic behavior in the well, providing a health check of the well and an accurate diagnosis of any well and reservoir issues.
Compared to traditional completion deployed applications of fiber optic technologies, DFOS can be deployed thru-tubing and used to analyze and evaluate well performance and integrity within hours of the completion of the survey providing greater insight of the dynamic behavior of the well, to help customers make important time-sensitive decisions. Supported by DFOS, it can provide an enhanced cased hole offering and integrated slickline mechanical services all within Expro.
Steve Russell, Expro’s Chief Technology Officer, commented: “We are committed to delivering cost-effective, innovative technologies and solutions, and best-in-class safety and service quality performance to our customers, all while advancing our commitment to creating a more sustainable business and lower carbon future.
Expro is an energy services provider headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company specializes in well construction, subsea well access, well flow management and well intervention.
(Source: Expro)