Oil giant ExxonMobil announced that it is expanding its Singapore refinery to increase the production of base oil, which is used to manufacture lubricants. Construction is expected to start in the second quarter of this year, and is to be completed in 2019. ExxonMobil said the expansion will strengthen the global supply of its EHC Group II base stocks – used to maximise performance of major automotive engine oil grades and finished lubricants used in multiple industries – as well as improve the facility’s competitiveness.
The Singapore Refinery spans two operating sites: Jurong on the mainland and Pulau Ayer Chawan (PAC) on Jurong Island. Pipelines connect the two sites to enable seamless operations and effective molecule management. This integrated refinery has a combined nameplate capacity of about 592,000 barrels per day, producing fuels, lubricant basestock and chemical feedstock for its customers and sister plants each day. The Singapore Refinery also manufactures industrial and automotive lubricants, base oils and aromatics that are marketed both within Singapore and exported to countries in the Asia-Pacific. (Source: ExxonMobil / Strait Times)