August 04, 2017

Russian giant Gazprom solemnly celebrated the first foundation for the Amur gas processing plant (GPP) in the Svobodnensky District of the Amur Region. It will be the largest such plant in Russia and one of the biggest in the world. The Amur GPP has strategic importance for the Eastern Gas Program. The plant will be supplied via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline with multi-component gas from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers that are being set up by Gazprom. The GPP will extract valuable substances, primarily ethane and helium, from gas for the purposes of the petrochemical and other industries. The processed gas will be then exported to China. Site preparation works for a more than 850-hectare area are already completed, with a utility system in place. By laying the foundation for the plant, Gazprom launched the main phase of the construction project, namely the establishment of the key gas processing facilities.
The Amur GPP will have six production lines, each of which will be an independent gas processing facility with the annual capacity of 7 billion cubic meters. Two process lines will come online at the first start-up complex, while the other four will be consecutively put in operation later. The GPP will thus reach its design capacity of 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year, becoming the largest such plant in Russia and one of the biggest in the world. The plant will also include the world’s largest helium production facility, up to 60 million cubic meters per year. (Source and image: Gazprom)