The industrial revolution transformed humanity’s need for energy to become insatiable. We cannot imagine a time where it wasn’t a part of our lives. From preparing food to doing work to even just relaxing at home watching TV, we use energy. Here are a few more examples of how we use energy in our daily lives.

We Use it For:

• Cooking
It is almost impossible to imagine a diet consisting purely of raw food. We don’t need to start a fire every time we cook at home; we have heat energy for that, either from electrical power or gas power.

Can you imagine winter without heat at home? Another great achievement that humans achieved is being able to produce energy in massive amounts. Our homes don’t need to have a fireplace for heat anymore. Humans were able to exist and thrive in freezing environments because of the availability of energy.

We only have to thank energy for pushing humanity into the modern era. Information is readily available at our fingertips because of the high-tech gadgets we have. Global communication has been on an upward trajectory. We were able to reach our moons and other planets.

Without the availability of energy, humans would have still been stuck using horses for transportation. Now we have all sorts of means to move. There wouldn’t be any cars, buses, trains, planes without humans harnessing the needed energy to run these things.

Before light bulbs were ordinary, people usually slept early because come night, unless you have a lot of candles, it is hard to have any work done. Now, we’ve pushed our productivity further because we’ve been able to conquer night time.

Author Bio: Sarah Brooks is a passionate blogger interested in sharing energy saving tips and the need for protecting the nature and resources for the future generation. She frequently blogs at Positronic Solar, which has over 25 years experience in solar panel installation, supplying both residential and commercial solar systems around Australia.