March 05, 2018

Framatome completed its purchase of Schneider Electric nuclear instrumentation and control offering. With this transaction, Framatome adds to its engineering expertise and expands its instrumentation and control (I&C) offerings.
I&C systems are the central nervous system of a nuclear power plant, allowing operators to control reactor operations. Modernizations, upgrades and ongoing support are vital to manage economic, long-term operation of nuclear power plants, which provide reliable, low-carbon electricity.
“With the integration of Schneider Electric’s nuclear instrumentation and control offering, we offer truly added value to our customers with a global technical expertise and market know-how on I&C solutions for the nuclear market,” said Bernard Fontana, Chairman of the Managing Board and Chief Executive Officer of Framatome. “We welcome our new colleagues to Framatome’s worldwide team of I&C engineers and experts.”
This acquisition adds the nuclear-qualified version of Tricon and the SPEC 200 platform to Framatome’s nuclear safety I&C offerings, which include the TELEPERM XS digital platform, and non-computerized analog solutions and instrumentation for nuclear power plants.
This broadens the base of plants worldwide for which Framatome serves as the original equipment manufacturer for safety I&C systems. It also expands Framatome’s project and engineering capacities for non-safety I&C systems in the nuclear energy market, relying on Schneider Electric’s commercial TRICON and Foxboro platforms.
Framatome also becomes the exclusive service provider to the nuclear energy market for the SPEC 200, nuclear-qualified Tricon and Foxboro systems. (Source: Framatome)