February 08, 2017

La Française de l’Énergie (LFDE) is pleased to announce the CBR-1 well, currently being drilled at Lachambre in the Moselle region in France, has successfully reached its first target located at 1080 meters’ depth: coal seam Gamma (15), 11 meters true vertical thickness. The core analysis have demonstrated an excellent gas content, above 10 m3/ton. Petrographic analysis of the cores has confirmed the presence of a well-developed natural fractures network, a typical feature of the coal seams in the Lorraine basin. The well has also encountered a 6 meter thick coal seam located at 978 meters true vertical depth (coal seam 11), which could be incorporated into a future development.
La Française de l’Energie is the operator and sole holder of the exclusive exploration permit Bleue Lorraine, on which the CBR-1 well is located. The company, headquartered in Forbach, is the first gas producer in France. Specialised in the coal bed methane and coal mine methane production, La Française de l’Énergie produces a local high quality energy from the significant gas resources contained in the former mining basins of North-Eastern France. (Source and image: LFDE)