May 22, 2018

Portugal’s Environment Agency, APA, confirms that the environmental studies and risk assessments already carried out on the Santola-1X project are exhaustive and has not identified significant negative environmental impacts.  The consortium Eni-Galp records the decision that confirms the results of the extensive environmental and risk assessments studies performed, and of the risk mitigation measures that have been identified. The consortium will start the work on the conditions prescribed by APA and on the planning activities necessary to drill the well safely. The well will be drilled utilizing state-of-the-art technology and operational practices to ensure maximum safety conditions. The well target is to confirm whether hydrocarbons may be present in this sector of the Portuguese offshore. The well is located at a distance of 46 km from the nearest point of the Portuguese coast, at a location not visible from the coastline and at a water depth of roughly 1000 m. Eni and Galp have thoroughly complied with every requirement established by the applicable legislation, as well as with the requests raised by the various public institutions involved in the process. (Source: Galp)