Gazprom Neft has completed drilling of its first production well within the NP-8 stratum at its Novoportovskoye field. The total length of the constructed well shaft is 4.2 kilometres, including a 1.45-kilometre horizontal section. The oil inflow obtained confirms geologists’ forecasts on prospects for developing this stratum. The NP-8 stratum, currently being brought into commercial production, is expected to deliver approximately 25 percent of all oil produced at the Novoportovskoye field over the next three years, and more than 10 percent of all oil produced at Novy Port over the course of its productive life. The NP-8 stratum is the second most productive, the most significant reserves being contained within the NP-4 stratum currently under development. A total 14 wells are expected to be drilled at the Novoportovskoye field’s NP-8 stratum by the end of 2017, reaching 50 wells by 2019.
The Novoportovskoye field is one of the most significant oil and gas condensate fields in the Yamal Peninsula. It is located within the Arctic Circle, some distance from pipeline transportation infrastructure. Recoverable reserves are estimated at more than 250 million tonnes of oil and condensate, as well as more than 320 billion cubic metres of gas inclusive of Paleozoic deposits. A pilot field development programme was completed at the Novoportovskoye field in 2014, with production drilling commencing thereafter. (Source: Gazprom Neft)