January 29, 2024

GE Vernova and Japan’s IHI announced next phase of the technology roadmap aiming to develop a 100% ammonia capable gas turbine combustion system by 2030.
Ammonia, a derivative from hydrogen, which can be carbon-free when combusted in a gas turbine, is expected to play an important role in the reduction of carbon emissions in the power sector for thermal power stations and dispatchable generation in support of the energy transition. GE Vernova’s Gas Power business and IHI Corporation announced the recent signing of a Joint Development Agreement to progress to the next phase of technology and engineering for the development of a new gas turbine combustor capable of using ammonia as a viable fuel option for power generation compatible with GE Vernova’s 6F.03, 7F and 9F gas turbines.
This collaboration is a follow-up to earlier MOUs between the companies and builds upon IHI’s successful development of a 2 MWgas turbine using 100% liquid ammonia. This first of its kind project reduced greenhouse gases including nitrous oxide generated by more than 99% with the combustion of ammonia.
Combustion testing for the maturation of the new combustor design will take place in IHI’s facilities in Japan.
IHI corporation is a Japanese engineering corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
(Source: GE Vernova)