Global Water, Energy and Climate Change Congress (GWECCC) 2023 is a water & energy centric event that will mainly address the concerns that are faced by natural resources due to heavy consumption in major industries & the impacts of climate change. It will be organized as the ultimate platform for addressing sustainable development & integrated management of water & energy resources and promoting regional & international strategy related programmes & projects which address the challenges faced by the sector, in maintaining and flourishing its resources. GWECCC will include a showcase of advanced technologies, innovations and bring together global leaders, experts, and policymakers to exchange experiences, best practices and explore opportunities that exist in the current scenario, that can support & sustain water resources and mitigate scarcity & preservation concerns.
GWECCC 2023 is an initiative by the Government of Bahrain. It is a global platform to discuss challenges, opportunities & technology for the sustainability of the Water & Energy Value chain. It will drive the dialogue and strengthen actions for sustaining GCC water and energy resources in the era of energy transition and climate security.