October 13, 2018

The French company Cargo 2 based in Morlaix in Brittany, created the brand Grain de Sail in 2010. The original project, has always remained the same: to produce exceptional coffees and chocolates whose raw materials are transported by a transatlantic sailboat, synonymous with maritime adventure and respect for the environment.
To have full control on its supplies the company imagined its own means of maritime transport to access more directly local producers. Respect for the environment and the desire for maritime adventure have done the rest
The company had a first experience in 2016, chartering the 32 meters schooner Tres Hombres operated by the Dutch company Fairway Transport based in Den Helder. The sailing cargo ship transported about 35 tons of coffee and cocoa from the Dominican Republic to the Grain de Sail base in Morlaix.
After nearly four years of research and development Grain de Sel decided to launch the construction of a modern sailboat: the two-masted Votaan 72.
With a 72 ft (21.90 meter) aluminum hull, the EUR 1 million sailboat will be able to carry up to 35 tons of cargo with a crew of four.
The Votaan 72 is expected to be operational by Q1 2019.
First objectives of 4 transatlantic crossings and 70 tons of cargo per year are modest but the Grain de Sail’s approach to revive the transport of goods by sailing boat is remarkable. (Source and image: Grain de Sail)