August 29, 2017

On Saturday 26 August, the Paragon DPDS1, a 449-foot drillship owned by Houston-based Paragon Offshore broke free from its moorings, sank one of two tugboats assigned to hold it in place and disabled the second one as Hurricane Harvey barreled down on the Texas coastline, said Burt Moorhouse, the general manager of Gulf Copper Harbor Island. Gulf Copper, a private dock where the ship was cold stacked and anchored, sits next to the Port Aransas ferry crossing. Paragon said that the crews of both ships have been “accounted for and are safe” and the ship appears to be stable. The port, which usually moves $100 million worth of goods a day, shut down midday Thursday before Harvey reached landfall as a Category 4 hurricane north of Corpus Christi Friday night. It can’t reopen until the Army Corps of Engineers inspects it and the beached ship is removed, and that’s not happening any time soon. Continued bad weather has hampered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers efforts to collect data and assess the damage needed to approve reopening the port.
Paragon DPDS1 is a Gusto MSC Pelican Class deepwater drillship built in 1979 at Clyde shipyard in UK. The drillship was first named Pacnorse 1, then Peregrine II, Frontier Phoenix and Noble Phoenix. It was named Paragon DPDS1 in 2014. (Source: San Antonio Express – Image: Port of Corpus Christi)