November 28, 2022

Hyperion Motors has launched its Hyper:Fuel Mobile Stations, capable of refuelling both hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).
The mobilised refueling station will be available across the United States from 2023, and manufactured at the company’s 65-acre manufacturing HQ in Columbus, Ohio.
Previously, Hyperion revealed its 1,000-mile range XP-1 in 2020 to demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen-ion storage over lithium-ion. Utilising hydrogen-ion storage technology, Hyper:Fuel Mobile Stations address the primary challenges relating to refuelling and recharging infrastructure facing many commercial hydrogen trucks and battery cars on the road today.
Investment into infrastructure buildout is delayed by numerous issues, including site selection, construction costs, and others. Many experts believe that this lack of refueling, and recharging infrastructure is the largest barrier to FCEV and BEV adoption.
Hyper:Fuel Mobile Stations can travel to and from existing gas stations, big box stores, and other high-traffic locations to meet real-time demand.
Hyperion’s mobilised station contains a hydrogen dispenser for FCEVs and an optional DC fast-charger for BEVs. This enables it to service two separate vehicle segments simultaneously at lower cost and risk compared with permanently installed charging stations or hydrogen dispensers. FCEV customers can refuel in five minutes and most BEV customers can recharge 80% of their battery in under 20 minutes.
(Source and image Hyperion – Hyperion long range hydrogen-powered car)