According to, Victor Chernomyrdin, the world’s largest diesel-powered icebreaker, was successfully launched at Baltiysky Zavod shipyard in Saint-Petersburg. The icebreaker expected to start operations in 2018 is to be used as an auxiliary vessel for escorting convoys in challenging ice conditions at the Northern Sea Route or for independent assistance to vessels in shallow Arctic areas, and in estuaries of rivers.
The ship was initially expected to enter service in December 2015. However, in November 2014 it was reported that the construction of the icebreaker had been suspended already in December 2013 due to design flaws resulting in 2500 tons overweight and 0,7 m increased draught
Viktor Chernomyrdin will be 146.8 metres long overall and have a maximum moulded beam of 29 metres. When ballasted to the maximum draught of 9.5 metres (31 ft), her displacement is approximately 22,000 tonnes. However, the vessel can also operate at a reduced draught of 8.5 metres in shallow waters. These main dimensions make Viktor Chernomyrdin the largest diesel-powered icebreaker in the world, second only to the Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers. The vessel’s integrated diesel-electric propulsion system developed by Aker Arctic and provided by ABB, will consist of two Azipod VI1600 propulsion units (2 × 7.5 MW) and one centerline propeller shaft coupled to a fixed pitch propeller (10 MW). The new icebreaker is named after Viktor Chernomyrdin, the founder and first chairman of Gazprom and the longest serving Prime Minister of Russia (1992–1998). (Source: