Inpex announced that the Inpex-operated Ichthys LNG Project’s FPSO facility—Ichthys Venturer—sailed away on July 18 from waters near its construction site in Okpo, South Korea en route to the Ichthys Gas-condensate Field offshore Western Australia, following the completion of shipyard commissioning and preparation work. Inpex is currently leading the development of the Ichthys LNG Project as Operator in the Commonwealth of Australia alongside its project partners. The FPSO will be towed to the Ichthys Gas-condensate Field approximately 5,600 kilometers distant from Okpo, South Korea over a period of approximately one month, after which it is scheduled to undergo hook-up. FPSO (Ichthys Venturer) sail away The facility, which is 336 meters long and 59 meters wide, will undertake the role of temporarily storing condensate separated and produced by the Central Processing Facility (CPF) (Ichthys Explorer) located offshore approximately 3.5 kilometers away and offloading the condensate to buyers’ tankers, and is a key facility of this project that is expected to be operational for 40 years. The CPF arrived at the Ichthys Gas-condensate Field on May 29 of this year following a 34-day towing operation, and having completed mooring, is currently undergoing hook-up and commissioning work. Inpex will continue to work toward the success of the Project with the understanding and cooperation of all its stakeholders, including its joint venture partners, the local communities, the Australian federal government and the governments of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. (Source: Inpex)