June 19, 2023

Ilmatar, a fast-growing Finnish energy company that builds, owns and manages renewable energy projects, is developing industrial-scale solar power production in Huutokoski and Vuotsinsuo, located in the municipality of Joroinen, Eastern Finland. The areas will generate electricity with a total rated capacity of 230 megawatts to the Finnish main grid as early as 2025, if the process progresses according to plan.
The Huutokoski project area is located close to a reserve power station in a forest management area in two separate locations, northwest of the municipal centre of Joroinen. The total area of the two sites is slightly more than 80 hectares.
The Vuotsinsuo area is located on a former peat production site, south of the municipal centre in an area that totals approximately 200 hectares.
The solar farms operating at up to 230 MWp of total rated capacity produce a total of 230 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, equalling the consumption needs of approximately 50,000 one-bedroom apartments or 12,000 electrically heated houses. The solar farms in Huutokoski and Vuotsinsuo have a rated capacity of 55–70 MWp and 160 MWp, respectively.
(Source and image: Ilmatar)