July 03, 2019

INEOS Oxide confirms its new 1.2 billion lb Ethylene Oxide unit and associated downstream Ethylene Oxide Derivatives (EOD) is to be built at INEOS’ Chocolate Bayou manufacturing works south of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico coast.
Chocolate Bayou is currently host to two Olefins crackers, two Polypropylene units and two Cogen facilities operated by INEOS O&P USA. A new Linear Alpha Olefins unit and associated downstream Poly Alpha Olefins unit are also currently under construction at the site by INEOS Oligomers.
The selection of Chocolate Bayou to host the new EO & EOD facility will reinforce on-site integration to the benefit of both the crackers and the derivative assets. The availability of additional land close to the unit will also enable interested third-parties to co-locate and consume EO by pipeline.
The 971 hectare Chocolate Bayou Works facility is located 45 miles south of Houston and is comprised of two hydrocarbon cracking units and two polypropylene lines. Chocolate Bayou is one of the largest cracker installations in the USA. The site has access to trucking, barging, rail service, cavern storage and approximately 500 miles of pipeline. Chocolate Bayou employs 570 full-time employees as well as over 1000 contractors to produce 2753KT of product per year. The site is certified to ISO 9001 for quality management.
(Ineos Oxide Ltd. manufactures ethylene and propylene based specialty and intermediate chemicals.
(Source and image: Ineos Oxide/Chocolate Bayou Works facility)