December 05, 2023

Jadestone Energy, an independent upstream production company focused on the Asia-Pacific region with headquarters in Singapore, announces that the final well in the Company’s 2023 East Belumut field drilling campaign offshore Peninsular Malaysia has now been completed. The overall programme has delivered results significantly ahead of expectations.
The fourth and final well in the East Belumut infill drilling campaign is currently being tested after reaching c.4,600 metres measured depth in the south west of the field. This is approximately 730 metres measured depth more than originally planned, due to the better than expected oil column encountered at the toe of the well, and the longest reach horizontal well ever drilled in the field. Overall, a 1,700 metre horizontal section was drilled in the target formation, aided by successful optimisation of the well trajectory using geo-steering tools. The well is expected to produce at initial rates in excess of 3,500 bbls/d.
Combined with the three wells drilled to date, which are currently producing at an aggregate gross rate of c.7,000 bbls/d, the results of the East Belumut infill campaign have far exceeded expectations.
(Source: Jadestone Energy)