December 01, 2023

Japan Airlines (JAL) has separately signed basic agreements with three of hydrogen-electric aircraft/engine manufacturers, H2FLY GmbH, Universal Hydrogen Co., and ZeroAvia Inc., in order to study the safety, economic feasibility and maintainability etc., for bringing hydrogen-fueled next generation aircrafts, which can reduce CO2 emissions to zero during flight and expected to be a sustainable aviation solution for the future. JAL Engineering (JALEC), which is in charge of aircraft maintenance for the JAL Group, will continue coordination and cooperation on certifications and maintenance systems.
In its pursuit of achieving Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050, JAL Group is conducting extensive studies for the future introduction of aircraft using new technologies such as hydrogen aircraft and electric aircraft. These collaborating companies have already achieved hydrogen-fueled test flights and plan to enter into service hydrogen-electric aircrafts in the middle of the 2020s to 2030s, making them world leaders in the development of hydrogen-electric flights.
Overview of partnerships:
• Study on hydrogen-electric aircrafts latest technology from the viewpoints of safety, economic feasibility, and maintainability, etc., for future operations in Japan
• Reflect JAL’s knowledge as an airline in the design and specifications of hydrogen-electric aircraft
• Increase public awareness of the future application of hydrogen-electric aircraft in Japan
(Source: Japan Airlines – Image: Flightsim.to)