March 29, 2018

Japan Petroleum Exploration (JAPEX) announced that Soma LNG Terminal located at the No.4 wharf of Soma Port, Shinchi town, Fukushima prefecture commenced its operation, as one of the important base in our domestic natural gas supply network. Over 60 years since its establishment, JAPEX has been conducting exploration and production of natural gas domestically and has been supplying natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas) to clients such as local gas distribution companies, business consumers, and fuel for power generation via domestic natural gas supply network which have been constructed in combination with a gas pipeline network including Niigata-Sendai Gas Pipeline (between Seiro town, Kita-Kambara county, Niigata prefecture to Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, hereinafter “Niigata-Sendai line”) as the main line, and satellite supply to transport liquid state of LNG by tank trucks and domestic vessels in regions not served by gas pipeline networks. After the start of construction on the terminal in November 2014 and its mechanical completion on the end of November 2017, Japex has proceeded its commissioning and required procedures for operational commencement since December 2017. Soma LNG Terminal is a the first large-scale LNG terminal in Fukushima prefecture, which is composed of a ground-type LNG storage tank with a capacity of 230,000 kiloliters which is one of the largest in Japan, two berths for large ocean-going ship of receiving and domestic vessel of receiving and shipping, LNG vaporization equipment, and LNG shipping facility. This terminal will receive LNG from overseas and will supply LNG vaporized gas to Niigata-Sendai line via Soma-Iwanuma Gas Pipeline (from Shinchi town, Soma county, Fukushima prefecture to Iwanuma city, Miyagi prefecture) which commenced its operation in November 2017 in advance of the terminal, and will be a base of our LNG satellite supply system for mainly wider Tohoku region. (Source and image: Japex)