February 08, 2024

On January 26, 2024, the keel-laying ceremony for the fifth-generation universal nuclear icebreaker, part of Project 22220, took place at the Baltic Shipyard.
The nuclear icebreaker Leningrad will be 173.3 m long and 34 m wide. The ship has a height of 52 m, with a design waterline draft 10.5 m high, a minimum operating draft that is 9.2 m in height, and its displacement is 33,540 tons. It is designed to last for 40 years.
The ship is equipped with a two-reactor power plant with the main source of steam from the RITM-200 reactor having a capacity of 175 MW. Project 22220 icebreakers are the largest and most powerful (60 MW) nuclear icebreakers in the world.
The double-draft design makes it possible to operate the vessel both in Arctic seas and at the mouths of polar rivers, in particular, in shallow waters of the Yenisei (Dudino direction) and the Ob Bay.
Rosatomflot’s (a Rosatom company) activities are as follows: icebreaking support to assist in the navigation of the ships through the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and to the frozen ports of the Russian Federation, support for high-latitude research expeditions (in particular, expeditions to the floating Polar station North Pole); and the performance of emergency-rescue operations in the NSR and frozen seas outside the Arctic region. In addition, the company performs maintenance and repairs for both their own fleet and for external ship-owners, and participates in activities around the environmental rehabilitation of Russia’s North-Western region, as well as conducting tourist cruises to the North Pole, as well as to the islands and archipelagoes of the Central Arctic.
(Source: TAAS/President of Russia – Image: Russia’s president Putin and Leningrad’s icebreaker hull at Baltic Shipyard in Saint Petersburg/President of Russia)