In the course of the flange laying, the kick-off for the production period, a signing ceremony took place to seal the contract for a joint cooperation within the framework of the Orca project. This agreement solidifies the partnership between Liebherr and SAL Heavy Lift, paving the way for a collaborative effort towards the common goal of transforming the maritime industry.
Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer based in Bulle, Switzerland, with its main production facilities and origins in Germany. SAL Heavy Lift is one of the world’s leading carriers specialised in sea transport of heavy lift and project cargo based in Hamburg, Germany.
The LS 800 E impresses with its all-electric drive concept, which increases energy efficiency and minimises CO? emissions. With its internal development and procurement capacities, Liebherr is excellently positioned to meet future environmental standards in the maritime sector.
The cutting-edge crane is equipped with all its components neatly housed within the crane column, ensuring optimal space utilization and a sleek design. One of the standout features of this electric crane is its power-saving capabilities, achieved through active communication between the crane, power electronics, and switch cabinets. By constantly optimizing energy usage, this intelligent system maximizes efficiency while minimizing power consumption.
Liebherr takes great pride in developing and producing fundamental components in-house, ensuring the highest quality standards and complete control over the manufacturing process. This approach allows for easy integration and optimal performance of the crane as a whole. Additionally, this remarkable crane sports a vertical boom rest with a locking pin discreetly located inside the crane column. This feature provides secure and stable positioning, enhancing safety and facilitating smooth operations.
(Source and image: Liebherr – LS800E heavy lift vessel project)