June 24, 2019

LM Wind Power advised that its first 107-meter blade, for GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine, has made its first trip outside our factory in Cherbourg, France. The LM 107.0 P is the first ever wind turbine blade to surpass 100 meters in length. Final preparations for shipment of the blade are now underway.
The Haliade-X 12 MW is a multi-million investment that will help reduce offshore wind’s cost of energy in order to make it a more competitive source of clean and renewable energy.
The company’s wind turbine blades are advanced creations: designed, manufactured and validated with cutting-edge tools to ensure they can endure the forces of nature for more than 20 years.
Technology plays a central role in the design of each wind turbine blade type, taking into account several factors such as materials, aerodynamics, blade profile and structure. These factors define the performance and reliability of the blade and require an extremely high degree of precision.
As blade specialists, LM Wind Power objective is to boost performance, while minimizing loads on the turbine and reducing costs:

• Hybrid carbon design and manufacturing, enabling us to create the world’s longest and most advanced blade – the LM 88.4 P. And now this technology is used during serial production of another record-setting onshore blade, for a 142 meter rotor

• In-house aerodynamic experts, combined with innovative software, not only ensure tailored blade designs – our engineers also develop customized add-on’s to optimize blade performance and reduce noise

• And ultimately, engineers verify the designs in our unique, onsite research facilities – including a rain erosion laboratory, full-scale test center and wind tunnel

Headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, LM Wind Power offers higher performing, more productive wind turbines, while continuing to reduce the cost of energy and improve returns on customers’ investments.
In April 2017, LM Wind Power was acquired by GE Renewable Energy for an enterprise value of €1.5 billion.
(Source and image: LM Wind Power)