The second stage of the Kolskaya wind power plant, which is world’s most powerful wind farm beyond the Arctic Circle, was launched by the Russian energy company Lukoil.
The plant was constructed by PJSC EL5-Energo (part of LUKOIL Group). The first 170 MW stage of the wind farm was commissioned on December 1, 2022. Following the launch of the second stage, the plant’s capacity reached 201 MW. The Kolskaya WPP features 57 turbines and occupies an area of 257 ha.
The target generation of the wind farm amounts to about 750 million kWh per year, which will result in preventing emission of up to 600 thousand tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The majority of the equipment installed at the WPP was made in Russia.
The Kolskaya plant was constructed under the state support programme for renewable energy generation and the agreement with the government of the Murmansk region on renewable energy development. In 2021, the plant was named a strategic investment project in the region.
The Kolskaya wind farm was projected and built by Italian energy company Enel but later the ownership shifted to a consortium controlled by Lukoil and Gazprom.
(Source: Lukoil/Enel – Kolskaya wind farm water color/Enel)