May 18, 2018

Maersk Drilling, a world leading provider of high-efficiency drilling services to oil companies around the world, awarded GustoMSC the first order for the uniquely designed Chela crane. Chela will be installed on Maersk Invincible (GustoMSC CJ70 design) which is currently operating on Valhall for AkerBP. It will put Maersk Drilling in an advantageous position, since Chela significantly improves safe handling underneath the cantilever and it will reduce total time spend on wells.
Designed to achieve a high level of safety, Chela offers an extra hand in operations. Due to its crablike motion characteristics, it can reach below the cantilever as well as elevate towards the main deck, providing crane access to an area traditionally blocked by the cantilever when drilling. “We are grateful that Maersk Drilling is putting its trust in Chela and further expanding our cooperation, which allows us to get closer to that ultimate and mutual goal: the highest level of safety and efficiency at sea”, says Rutger Baan, Commercial Director GustoMSC.
GustoMSC commenced fabrication of the first Chela earlier last month. Since the project schedule is to fit into a planned rig mobilization in Q4 2018, the engineering and fabrication process started the day after an LOI was signed. By using the latest simulation techniques in fast tracking high specification equipment development and verification, the delivery schedule aimed for by the client can be achieved. GustoMSC has found support from several suppliers in this fast track delivery, especially JB systems for E&I and Breman Machinery as long term partner for high quality steel construction and assembly.
GustoMSC will deliver Chela as a fully outfitted and tested crane, complete with the dual winch system for extreme safe operations above live wells, anti-collision system and vertical rack & pinion travel system that enables the crane for reaching the main deck. After extensive testing, Chela will be handed over to Maersk, who will manage the offshore installation on the Maersk Invincible.
As Chela provides under-cantilever crane coverage at the highest level of safety, there is no need to shut in wells when a lifting sequence is performed by Chela. The crane does not obstruct any wellhead deck space. Both are value drivers for Maersk Drilling and AkerBP. (Source and image: Gusto MSC)