November 11, 2018

Mauritanides, the largest and only biennial mining and energy conference and exhibition held in Mauritania since 2010, has posted a strong 30% increase in sponsors & exhibitors compared to the previous 2016 edition. With one more month to go, the final number of sponsors & exhibitors is expected to surge to a record 50% increase, making this the most popular edition of Mauritanides to date.
This is testimony both to the attractiveness of Mauritania as a global energy and mining destination and the synergy between the new event organiser Spire Events (Singapore) and the co-organiser Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mauritania.
Inaugural sponsors participating in Mauritanides
The 5th edition of Mauritanides has attracted inaugural sponsors which include major Mauritanian and international mining, energy and finance stakeholders. They are:
1. Société Mauritanienne des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier (SMHPM) / the Mauritanian Company of Hydrocarbons and Mining Heritage
2. BP
3. Maurilog
4. Wafa Mining and Petroleum
5. ExxonMobil
6. Shell
7. La Banque Mauritanienne pour le Commerce International (BMCI)

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