August 07, 2018

A Mi-8 helicopter carrying 18 people crashed on Saturday 4, at 10:20 local time, near a Siberian village at about 180km from the town of Igarka, in Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Mi-8, operated by the airline UTair, collided near the Vankor oil field with cargo suspened from another helicopter, causing it to crash and explode upon impact. The helicopter was carrying 15 oilfield workers from a pumping station in Vankor field. All those on board, three crew members and 15 passengers, were killed. The second helicopter was able to land safely.
The medium twin-turbine Mi-8 has been in constant production since 1967 and is the world’s most-produced transport helicopter.
The main part of helicopter operations in Russia is carried out by UTair in the northern regions of the country, as well as within the administrative boundaries of the Ural, Siberian, and Far Eastern Federal Districts.
(Source: TAAS Agency, Sputnik News – Image: MI-8 crash site/TAAS Agency)