April 17, 2018

Petro Matad advised that the Tugrug 3D seismic volume has been under interpretation throughout the months of March and April 2018. The Turug Basin is located in south eastern Mongolia. The frequency content of the data is excellent with clear definition of both structural and stratigraphic architecture. The fault plane reflections are remarkably well-defined aiding significantly in the mapping of the complex fault pattern in the area of the Falcon prospect. Preliminary seismic attribute mapping shows good resolution of sedimentary features and potential stratigraphic play fairways.
Based on results so far, with much better resolution of the faulting, it is apparent that the fault block originally targeted for drilling at the centre of the Falcon cluster is smaller than previously mapped. The new data does confirm, however, a large and well-defined fault bounded structure to the East that is considerably larger than the original mapping of Falcon and bright basin centre channelised features are potentially lacustrine turbidites, a proven prolific play type in other lacustrine basins globally. More detailed work is needed on the acquired data to mature these prospects identified by the 3D to drillable status.
Amplitude anomalies have been observed in trapping configurations and so far the interpretation has revealed a particularly convincing flat spot in a sinuous channel feature some 2.5km southeast of the Falcon fault block and some bright channel features in the basin centre. Flat spots can be the seismic response from fluid contacts and the observed anomaly will be further investigated with some targeted special processing. Bright amplitudes are also observed near the major normal faults which may be an indication that these faults are acting as conduits for migrating hydrocarbons and, if so, further highlights the prospective nature of the Tugrug Basin which is believed to have sourced the live oil encountered in the TSC core hole on the basin edge.
Interpretation is now focused on completing the first pass prospect generation phase to identify the most prospective locations within the Tugrug Basin and to mature them to drillable status. (Source and image: Petro Matad – Seismic acquisition in Mogolia)