Nass&Wind Industrie and Ifremer are collaborating in the ROTOR project, an innovative model to test offshore floating wind concepts during tank test campaigns. Floating wind is a key technology for the French marine energy development plan. According to the French Renewable Energy Association, six Gigawatts of floating wind capacities are expected by 2030. Nass&Wind Industrie and Ifremer will have at their disposal a tank test model able to test, optimize and certify any offshore floating wind concept with HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine). This model, developed with strong methodologies and innovative technological enhancements, will have the capacity and modularity to test any kind of floater type and control command strategy for a wind turbine range between 6 to 10 Megawatts. A full reduced scale model, with a rotor diameter around 3 meters, will be designed, built and tested during a tank test campaign at the Ifremer center in Brest in October 2017. This model will consist in a modular floater with a nacelle equipped to test power and speed regulation by integrating control command strategy from the wind turbine manufacturers. Each blade will be designed with an individual pitch control system. (Source: Nass&Wind)