February 02, 2018

GC Rieber Shipping and Nexans have agreed to extend the firm period of the charter for the Polar King with 11 months, meaning the vessel will be employed through August 2019. The vessel will continue to support the worldwide operations of Nexans.
“We are pleased to see that the vessel, crew and our organizational capabilities are recognized by Nexans in a competitive market. We look forward to continuing the good cooperation with them”, says CEO Christian Berg.
The Polar King is a multipurpose subsea vessel specially designed for operation under severe weather conditions with high manoeuvrability and station keeping capabilities. The vessel provides services including offshore construction (CSV), inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) operations.
Polar King was built at Freire Shipyard in Spain, and was delivered in March 2011. The vessel is complete with a 150 ton Active Heave Compensated (AHC) offshore crane, two WROVs, accommodation for 112 persons and offers a flexible deck space of 960 sqm for a range of operations. It is designed with environmental features for worldwide service, compliant with SPS 2008 and with a Clean-Design and a Green Passport.
GC Rieber based in Bergen, Norway, was founded in 1879 and has evolved over four generations. Initial business centred on the trading of skins and leather, with independent shipping activities first featuring in the early 1930s. From the 1930s to today, the company has established an unique position in the global offshore shipping industry. GC Rieber Shipping’s core activities involves development, design, construction and maritime operation of specialised vessel within the offshore shipping business. The business is organised into three segments: Subsea, Marine Seismic and Ice / Support. (Source: GC Rieber)