The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, has stepped up collaboration with Schlumberger, in the deployment of state-of-the-art technology in the ongoing search for commercial hydrocarbon deposits in the Chad basin and other parts of the inland sedimentary basins. NNPC COO said: “We are concluding partnership arrangement with Schlumberger in four research areas commencing 2017. The first is Exploration & Risks Assessment studies of the Nigerian Frontier Basins, which include the Upper Benue Trough where NNPC is currently carrying out exploration works. The COO listed other areas of collaboration to include: Wellbore Instabilities studies to assist in reducing drilling costs through prevention of stuck pipes (especially for directional drillings), improve safety and drilling performance. It also covers Formation Damage prevention to improve oil & gas recovery and economic viability of the reservoir, risk reduction, complex depositional systems and drilling challenges among others.
NNPC is ready to take full advantage of the $1 billion global endowment fund for research instituted by Schlumberger.
The Chad Basin is a sedimentary basin that covers the northeastern part of the country. The Benue Trough of Nigeria is an intracontinental basin in Central West Africa that extends NE to SW. It is over 1000 km in length and exceeds 150 km in width the southern boundary of the Chad Basin.  (Source: NNPC)