Noble Corporation released a Fleet Status Report on July 9, 2020.
• Jackup Noble Mick O’Brien – The contract with Qatar Gas that started in late October 2019 is extended until November 2020
• Jackup Noble Scott Marks – On standby effective May 10, 2020 for a period of up to 365 days. Dayrate reduced to $0 through the standby period, which shall not count against the contract term. The contract with Saudi Aramco is extended until July 2023.
• Jackup Noble Sam Hartley – The contract with Total in the UIK North Sea ended in April. The unit will be stacked in UK until August 2020 then will start a 4-well program for CNOOC.
• Noble Sam Turner – Warm stacked in UK, the jackup will start a two-month contract with Total in late August.
• Drillship Sam Croft – A 2-months contract with Apache is expected to start in September.
• Semi-submersible Clyde Boudreaux – The unit completed a short contract offshore Myanmar that ended in April 2020. A new contract expected to start in July offshore Vietnam has been cancelled.
• Jackup Tom Prosser – Contracted by Esso, the rig has been on standby at reduced rate from April. Drilling offshore Australia is expected to resume by mid July.
• Drillship Tom Madden – Contracted by Esso in Guyana, the drillship is on standby from April. The unit is expected to start a 3-year contract by February 2021.
(Source: Noble Corp. – Image: Noble Sam Turner on tow in Rotterdam/Kees Torn)