NOV said that the company invested significantly in Russia and the surrounding region over the past several years, first building a strategically located manufacturing facility in Kostroma and more recently designing a highly specialized rig specifically to meet Russian and CIS environmental conditions and operational requirements.
Kostroma, the capital of the Kostroma region, stands on both banks of the Volga River and is located about 346 km northeast of Moscow.
The 137,795 ft² (42 000 m²) facility was built to address the needs of the unique Russian and CIS markets. The location of the facility was optimal, providing access to federal highway systems, railroads, and the Volga River, as well as being near Russia’s largest steel mill. The new facility was created to allow the company to employ local citizens, design region-specific solutions, and deliver services to customers without worrying about the logistical headaches of global shipment.
NOV said: “Noticing that the operators and drilling contractors of the region did not need a typical North American-style drilling rig, we set out to build an extreme weather, 1,500-horsepower, 320-metric ton winterized train rig that was ideal for arctic drilling conditions. The new rig was designed with pad drilling in mind, emphasizing modularity, efficiency, and safety. In addition, the rig considered the Siberian region’s lack of dedicated infrastructure and the need to keep the crew insulated from the harsh environment, where temperatures often dip as low as -40°F (-40°C).” (Source and image: NOV – New train rig built in Kostroma, Russia)